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Tackle Spring Early & Start with Winter cleaning!

While it isn’t necessarily a coined term, Winter is as good of a time to start cleaning as Spring is.    With the team at MyConnect spending a lot more time at home, we’ve looked at ways to tidy things up around...

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How To Go From a Good Property Manager to a Great Property Manager

Property management is a many-faceted role, requiring managing tenant expectations, as well as managing the client and what they need to understand as a landlord. The best Property Managers are more or less managing the client as much as...

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Client Testimonial  First National Oxley & Springfield  “It’s been a real pleasure dealing with the entire team of MyConnect. They have such a personalised service, which makes our team feel very confident in the process and the streamline of...

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Fun Things to do at Home

As the colder months are approaching, we undoubtedly start to spend more time indoors as everyone begins to try and escape the cold winds of the changing seasons. For some, spending time at home is easy, with ample ideas...

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How to: Stay Productive While Working from Home

With COVID-19 becoming more prevalent, there’s cause to believe that working from home will become the norm for many, and the adjustment might not be as easy as one would think. Global companies from Google to Microsoft, from Salesforce...

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Australian Bushfires: How you can help

Australia is currently dealing with a time of tragedy and hardship, caused by the devastation of bushfires all across our continent, especially on the east coast. An estimated 6.3 million hectares (63 square KMs) has been burnt, causing the...

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How To: Hibernate this Winter

Winter is the season of hibernation. There is no better time to sit inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate (or glass of red) and just relax. Majority of your time this season will be spent in the...

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5 Delicious Meals to Warm You Up this Winter

Winter can get so cold and dreary sometimes, it can be tough to come home and focus on making something nice for dinner, as well as try to keep warm. The logical solution to this would be a warm,...

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7 Tips to Stay Warm Without Turning up the Heat

As the cooler weather starts to arrive, it’s easy to simply rely on our heaters to keep us warm. However, to help you save a few bucks here’s seven things we recommend you do first: • Layer up –...

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How to: Troubleshoot a High Energy Bill

Whether it be anger, sadness or confusion, few things in life compare to the initial shock of opening up a high energy bill. Energy bills can often fluctuate in price. This may be a result of the weather or...

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