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7Dec Santa-Easy-Weddings-Christmas

How To: Save Energy This Holiday Season

As we wind down 2018 and ring in the new year, it means the holiday season is here again. The holidays are a joyous time for friends and family to laugh, share gifts and celebrate together. However, the holidays are...

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25Sep child

Moving House with Children Made Easier

Moving house is tasking on its own, but moving house with children? Now that’s an entirely different beast. Moving homes is a stressful time for those involved, especially for young children. However, there is a lot you can do...

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22Jun APM-4-14-1024x683

How to: Prepare for a Rental Inspection

Believe it or not, renting can come with a lot of stresses that don’t involve actually paying rent! A major factor of stress for many people is the regular inspection by your property manager. The inspection can lead to...

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21May 1

Wet Weather: How to move house in the rain

For some, rainy days mean snuggling up in a blanket in the warmth of your home. For others, it means drudging through the wet weather to go to work. But for some of us, it means dealing with the wet...

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10Apr light-825x510

Why use a Utility Connection Company?

Moving home can be stressful, there are so many things that have to be organised. One thing that should be simple but often isn’t, is utility connection. MyConnect is dedicated to saving movers both time and effort to make...

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17Jan piggy bank

How to: Maintain a Budget for the New Year

As we say goodbye to 2017 and prepare for all things 2018, it’s time for a new budget! That means creating a budget you can follow through with and be proud of this time next year in review. Here are...

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28Dec water-drop-wallpaper-4

How to: Stay Water Conscious this Summer

With the blaring heat of Summer now starting to kick in, it’s highly important we start to be more conscious with how we use our water. Being water conscious doesn’t mean avoiding turning that tap on entirely, however there...

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27Nov summer night banner (3)

How to: Beat the Heat in your Summer Slumber

As Australia readies itself for a steamy hot summer once again, it’s time for us to prepare for it too, especially when it comes to sleeping. Here are some handy tips and tricks to making sure you get your...

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21Oct summer banner

How to: Keep cool without the AC

Being right in the middle of Spring and on the cusp of summer, you will see an increase in glorious, beaming sunshine. While many people love the feeling of bright sunny days, the sun typically brings a wave of heat...

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27Sep used_lifestyle_4-442338

How to: Tackle Spring Cleaning

It’s time to shed that winter coat and bounce into spring. Yes its spring again, and with spring comes the season of decluttering, reorganising and to tie it up nicely, cleaning. So to send you into Spring with a...

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