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Hate it or love it, most people will live alone at some stage in their life.

Imagine it. No one to tidy up after, no bathrooms to share and no unexpected company to worry about. Whether it be escaping a share house, finding more space in a new home, or taking a break from housemates, the change comes with highs and lows.

Say goodbye to negotiations and compromise – you take the best car space, invite guests over as you like and decorate the house as you please .

The peace and quiet will be a welcome change, whether it be the silence in the morning as you awake, or the serene alone time after a big day at work. With no social obligations to your flatmate, including no mundane small talk about how work’s going, your home is enduringly quiet.

You also have the benefit of having your very own bathroom. There’s no dirty habits to tolerate, and no one to wait on. You can enjoy your long, uninterrupted showers every day. The bathroom becomes a haven of unlimited pampering time.


But don’t be fooled. Living solo is not always a walk in the park. There’s no bills to split, and the fridge doesn’t restock itself. Some nights may even become lonely.

Escaping the obligatory chores of a house mate may not be good for one’s hygiene. Just remember, every time you return home, the house will be as you left it. Depending on your cleaning skills, this may not always be pleasant.

Why bother cooking when you’re only cooking for one? Welcome to an array of take away nights, slap dash microwave meals and regular eating out. This is never easy on your wallet, or your waist. Suddenly, a nutritious meal seems like a thing of the past.

It may also be a bit worrying knowing there’s no one in the next room in the case of an emergency. Whether it be a large spider or something more serious, you’re on your own.

Living solo may be the peak of independence, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Remember that nothing is permanent, and sooner or later you may be experiencing the rollercoaster ride of living with another again.