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If you’re tossing up between organising your utilities directly through your chosen provider or using a utility connection company, this information could help you decide.

Generally, providers in the utilities industry tend to employ external overseas call centres as a way of cutting costs and outsourcing work. This decision favours the company, but certainly not the customer. Language barriers, time delays, long hold times and poor phone quality are a standard part of the phone call. On top of this, outsourced call workers lack the general knowledge of the business and the industry. Customers have to contact each independent provider to find the best deal, and are often ill-informed.

These overseas call centres are certainly not renowned for their efficiency! It takes on average sixty three minutes and nine phone calls to connect electricity, gas, telephone and internet services. The average wait time to speak to a customer service representative can range from ten minutes to one hour.

However, utility connection companies operate call centres in Australia and work with a variety of providers. They can connect electricity, gas, water, internet, phone and pay TV in one phone call. In just twelve minutes all your utilities are organised. With a streamlined process, you will save time, effort and money.

A utility connection company owned and operated in Australia provides reliable information on each area within Australia, and allows for specialisation in the field.   These companies can solve any internet, water, meter number and billing issue. They can backdate and update bills, conduct meter installations and even arrange same day urgent connections.

Australian utility connection companies work with a range of market leading providers to offer choice and flexibility when connecting their utilities. The independence of utility connection companies ensures customers can select their desired option from the variety of plans and packages available. However, going through individual providers results in far less options to choose from. They are profit focused, and can only present one offer.

You can trust MyConnect’s Australian call centre knowing that we are completely transparent about costs, and accountable for any hidden fees or contracts.

So, if you’re approaching your next move, utilizing the services of a utility connection company can guarantee a smooth and time-efficient process.