The Hidden Costs of Moving House: What You Need to Know

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick June 6th

Behind the thrill of moving to a new house lies a series of hidden costs that can quickly add up, turning your move into an unexpectedly expensive affair. Understanding these hidden moving costs is crucial for proper planning and budgeting.

In this article, we dive into all the sneaky additional costs that the average Australian mover can come to expect when moving house.

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Packing Supplies

When budgeting for a move, it’s quick to overlook the cost of packing supplies. Cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other packing materials can add up, especially if you have a lot of valuables to move.

On top of that, specialty boxes for items like mirrors, artwork, and televisions are even more expensive! While some removalist companies include basic packing supplies in their fees, many do not, leaving you to foot the bill through these extra costs.

Moving Services

If you opt to hire professional removalists to pack your belongings, be prepared for a significant extra charge compared to the DIY method of packing and unpacking.

Professional packing service can save you time and ensure your items are securely packed, but this convenience comes at a price. The average cost of hiring removalists in Australia can vary widely depending on the volume of items and the time required at an hourly rate.


Standard moving insurance provided by moving companies often offers minimal coverage, usually based on weight rather than the actual value of your items.

You’ll need to purchase additional contents insurance if you want comprehensive protection. This extra insurance can provide peace of mind, but it’s an added expense that many people forget to include in their total costs.

Content about content (insurance)

Curious about contents insurance and whether you need it or not? Check out our article about contents insurance so you can make your own judgment call!

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Storage Fees

If there’s a gap between your move-out and move-in dates, you might need to store your belongings temporarily.

Storage fees can vary based on the size of the unit and the duration of storage. Climate-controlled units, which are essential for sensitive items, can be even more expensive, so it’s worth a check on what needs to be stored and what can go by the wayside when you’re decluttering.

Travel Costs

Moving long distances can incur significant travel costs. These include fuel for your vehicle (whether that be by car or moving truck), tolls, lodging, and meals during the trip.

If you’re hiring a moving company for an interstate move, their travel expenses, including fuel surcharges, meals, and lodging for the crew, will also be added to your bill.

Cleaning Costs

Before leaving your old home to head to your new address, you may need to clean it thoroughly to get your bond back if you’re in a rental property, or to prepare it for the next owners.

This might involve hiring professional cleaners, especially if you have a large home or if your lease requires professional cleaning.

Tackling Cleaning

End-of-lease coming up soon? Well, get ready to grab your bleach and cleaning products, slip on the heavy-duty gloves and follow our checklist on end-of-lease cleaning!

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Repair and Maintenance Costs

Both your old and new homes might require some maintenance before and after the move. This could include patching holes in walls, fixing plumbing issues, or updating outdated fixtures.

These repair costs can be surprisingly high and are often overlooked in the initial budgeting process.

Replacement of Household Items

It’s common to find that some furniture and appliances don’t fit or suit the new location, especially when downsizing to a small apartment.

You might need to buy new furniture, curtains, or appliances, which can be a considerable expense. Additionally, items may get damaged during the house move, which will require replacement or repair.

Time Off Work

Moving is time-consuming, and you may need to take time off work to manage the process. Whether for packing, the actual moving day, or settling into your new home, lost wages can add up.

Be sure to consider this potential loss of income when planning your local move.

By being aware of these hidden costs, you can make your move smoother and stress-free, ensuring that your new beginning starts on the right financial foot.

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Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick