How to: Keep cool without the AC

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

The end of year is soon approaching, and with it brings the bright and sunny days of Summer.

While many people love the feeling of bright sunny days, the sun typically brings a wave of heat with it that can sometimes feel unbearable. While air conditioning can be a great heat relief, it should not be the only option for you this summer (especially because running the AC can also run up your energy bill).

There is no need to fear, as we have some tricks to keep cool during the blistering summer days without having to spend the bank to do so.

Time to rid of unnecessary appliances

Anything that is plugged in is going to produce heat, so unplugging any appliance that you won’t use during these hot days will provide a cheap and easy way to rid of some heat in your home. Make sure to make sure the power point is off as well, as it will still produce heat.

Block out the sun

While the brightness of the sun is a beautiful sight to pass into your home, it is not great for sustaining a cool environment in the home.
Closing your binds or using some window tint film will go a long way to chilling out your home until a cold change comes hopefully in the late evening.

Preparation for humidity

One thing about hot weather that can become unbearable is the high humidity that can soak your clothes and make you feel even more hot and sticky.
Wearing loose cotton clothing or any other natural fabric that will allow some breathing room will make your situation far more bearable than wearing your favorite leather and denim outfit.

Fans are your friends

Whether it be on the ceiling, set up in a singular room or even a small one on your person, fans are a person’s best friend in the heat.
Ensuring your ceiling fan is ready (specifically in a counter-clockwise direction as it forces the air downwards towards you), stocking up on cold air fans to target a specific area and considering
investing in a portable handheld fan if you haven’t already are easy ways to combat the heat.

Be wary of cooking

Pre-planning meals in the hot seasons is vital also, as the heat that appliances like ovens can cause is a large amount that you want to avoid.
Cooking on a grill, in a microwave or even in a crock pot is a better alternative, but if you have to use the oven, use it once the heat starts to cool off a little more in the later stages of the day when the sun starts to head down.

Natural light is not an enemy

Despite the sunlight providing a good amount of heat (which you’re trying to avoid in these seasons), it is still a greater alternative to turning on all the lights in the house and consuming
power, creating heat also.

Utility providers offer LED light bulb rebates which can make them more affordable to use, and can also provide a more efficient, heat-less alternative to a regular 100-watt light bulb.

If you need to organise your electricity connection, you can call MyConnect on 03 9020 2650 and we can have that all set up in one easy phone call.

Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick