What Is My NMI Number?

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick October 13th

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Ever talked to your electricity network provider and they’ve started mentioning meter data and asking for your NMI, only to have no idea what that is or where you could even find it? Well, this article is what you’re looking for!

Thankfully, we know a thing or two about anything and everything to do with utilities, that includes electricity and all its meter wonders.

With the introductions out of the way, let’s dive into the NMI (and not the measurement.gov.au site). For more information on meters around the house, we have articles on gas meters, electricity meters and smart meters that you can check out after this one.

What’s an NMI?

The National Meter Identifier (not to be confused with the National Measurement Institute, which deals with measurement instrument testing services) is a unique 10-11 digit number used to identify each electricity connection point in Australia, whether it be for home or business.

This is separate from an electricity meter number, which will display the current usage of electrical measurements from the household’s connection to a power system. This number will inevitably be used for electricity pricing when your bill rolls around.

Your energy providers will use the NMI to measure meter data and provide an accurate electricity bill. Access to the NMI also allows the provider to identify the meter and meter types at your supply address and tell your existing retailer about any transfer to a new retailer with ease.

Where is my NMI?

Your NMI can be found on the electricity bill for that property, typically on the front of the second page but can be found on the first page also, depending on the electricity provider.

The display of the numbers can also depend on which state across Australia you reside in. For most states, it’ll be a simple 11-digit number ranging between 41020000000 to 41049999999. For those in QLD, the number will start with two letters, followed by 9 digits (eg. QB041020000).

Thankfully it won’t be a wild goose chase regardless of what page it lands on the electricity bill, as it should have a pretty clear NMI label next to the number. Here is an example of the NMI location on an Energy Australia bill.

Will my NMI change?

Unfortunately, the NMI is not like a phone number that you can keep even when moving from one phone to another. Your NMI resides purely at your residence and not through your provider or your personal details.

If you’re staying put at the property in question, your electricity network point will stay the same and so your NMI will remain.

There are select instances where your NMI can change while you’re at the same address, including:

  • Changing the location of your current electricity network connection point
  • Removing your electricity connection e.g. when demolishing a building
  • Changing your electricity connection from low voltage to high voltage (large businesses typically arrange this).

So, unless you fit into these niche categories, you can rest easy knowing your NMI will remain the same until you move addresses.

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Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick