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Consider your Urgent Electricity Connection….sorted.

When you move to a new home, your to-do list grows faster than you can check things off. With so much to do, quickly getting your new connection sorted can be a real lifesaver!

Ensuring you have a seamless electricity connection at your new property can make your move much smoother. Whether you need a standard electricity connection or a more urgent same-day connection, understanding the process and available options is essential. This guide will help you navigate electricity connections in Australia, with insights on how we can cross utilities off your to-do list.

Whether it’s a weekend or a weekday we can help you with your energy connections. You can get started online anytime or by speaking to one of our Moving Home Specialists for urgent connections.

Our team’s operating hours are Monday to Friday (8am-8pm), Saturday (9am-4pm) and Sunday (10am-3pm). Connecting on a public holiday? See if we are available on our website!

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Electricity Connection for Your New House

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but ensuring that all utilities are connected can be daunting. One of the most crucial steps is setting up your electricity connection.

Luckily, our Moving Home Specialists are energy experts! Whether you’re moving in or already in your new home we understand that having a reliable electricity connection is essential. Since 2006 we’ve helped over 500,000 movers connect their utilities ready for move-in day, taking the hassle out of new electricity connections is what we do best!

Need a Same Day Electricity Connection or Gas Connection?

Don’t worry, we’re the pros, and know we can find an energy plan from a wide range of providers! If you need a same-day electricity connection, it’s important to act quickly.

Many of the 20+ leading service providers and energy providers we work with offer same-day connections to accommodate immediate needs, but availability can depend on your location and the time of day. We can arrange your same-day connections, ensuring you’re not left in the dark during your move. Make sure to contact us as early in the business day to increase your chances

Service Provider & Electricity Provider Cut-off Times

Needing new electricity? The next business day may be too late.

PD = Previous day for a next day connection
SD = Same Day Connection

ActewAGL LogoACT & NSW10:30AM SD
EA Logo

Origin LogoVIC1:30PM SD (AUSNET)
Origin LogoNSW, ACT1:30PM PD
Origin LogoQLD3:30PM PD
Origin LogoSA11AM SD
2 Days prior for a connection

Fees for Same Day and Urgent Connections

Nobody wants a shock when they get their first energy bill from their electricity provider.

While standard electricity connections are typically included in your overall move-in process, same-day and urgent connections sometimes come with a connection fee or exit fees from your previous energy retailer. 

These fees are usually set by the distributor and the costs can vary. Luckily, one of our friendly Moving Home specialists can talk you through the costs associated with urgent connections so you can plan your move-in budget accordingly.

Our team is highly trained and Melbourne-based, meaning they have first-hand experience in getting connected in Australia – making them your energy experts! This allows us to provide transparent information about these fees, helping you make informed decisions without surprises when you receive your first bill or new energy electricity bill.

To get electricity connected today please call our team on 1300 187 449 we’ll inform you about cut-off times, and explain any potential extra charges, ensuring your first bill won’t be a surprise.

Getting Connected in Australia (NSW, VIC, WA, SA, QLD)

Australians are as laid back as they come, but that doesn’t make moving any less stressful. We can organise connections in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and The Australian Capital Territory.

Ideally, contact us a few business days before your move-in date to schedule your connection so you can stream your favourite shows in your new home. We’re here to streamline the same-day connection process for you, making it easier for you to settle into your new home.

All we need is your new address and our team will outline the electricity plans or gas plans available from one of our electricity retailers or service providers, if you want to sign up online you can pop your postcode in below to view some offers! 

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Questions about your power connection? Consider them answered.

How does the MyConnect service work?

MyConnect is a free utility connection service based in Australia. We partner with 20+ service providers, so you can choose from plans available in your area. Once we receive your information, a team member will contact you to confirm your moving details and assist in connecting your utilities through one of our partnered service providers of your choosing.
The MyConnect service is owned by Origin Energy Limited. Although we may recommend Origin products to you we also have commercial relationships with other partnered suppliers whose services we may offer to connect you to. We do not necessarily have partnerships with all suppliers that may be available in your area. A list of our suppliers is available here.

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How do I find my electricity or gas meter?

I need to change my connection details.

Why do I need to provide personal information?

Can you do urgent connections?

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How To Videos!

From finding your smart meter, sorting tariff tiffs, learning how to prepare for a meter reading, or finding your main switch our 60-second videos have all your FAQs Answered!

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