Our impact

At MyConnect, we’re committed to giving back to those who need it most and contributing toward a carbon-positive future in Australia. That’s why we created MyCommunities – our charitable arm, where we support a diverse range of charities, grassroots initiatives, and environmental organisations. 

Group of volunteers proudly displaying a sign of their accomplishment: packing 23,604 meals for those in need at Foodbank Victoria.

Good stuff we’re up to

Sapling growing

Planted 8,300+ trees
Since 2023

Heart shaped balloon

Volunteered 840+ hours
Since 2023

Gold coin

Donated $34,880+
Since 2023

Who we help

Carbon Positive Australia & Tree Project

In 2023 MyConnect partnered with Carbon Positive Australia.

Through this partnership, we are dedicated to creating a climate-positive future. Every move contributes to our commitment to plant 7,500 trees each year – we think that’s a tree-mendous effort!

For all you non-math folk, that means in a year we have helped plant 8,300 trees so far. The best part? We don’t plan on stopping. Our annual goal is 10,000 trees. 

MyConnect team planting trees

The Good Box

Good? More like great! In 2024 we are volunteering with The Good Box.

The Good Box is an Australian Charity dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness receive vital resources, with dignity. They do so by creating beautifully packaged boxes, filled with quality, essential items such as food and hygiene products to help those experiencing homelessness get through some tough times

We are rolling up our sleeves this year to raise money, fill boxes, write notes and more.




Man holding Good Box

We have also supported